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I am a solo Family Physician.  I have a private practice in Corydon, Indiana.  My office is located in the Medical Pavilion next to Harrison County Hospital.  I see patients of all ages and cover the whole spectrum of primary health care.

Some of the problems I commonly treat, just to name a few, are heart disease, bronchitis, diabetes, infections, injuries, lacerations, digestive problems, menopause, contraception, rashes, thyroid disease, fatigue, pain, and depression.      I also am a specialist certified in Geriatric Medicine.  As a geriatrician, I deal with common problems associated with aging.  As our population ages, many more people are facing problems of getting older such as arthritis, insomnia, loss of independence, and memory loss.  I am here to help with these and other problems that are common with aging.    

My practice is oriented toward prevention, especially with regards to cancer and heart disease.  You can schedule a yearly physical exam, or a routine gynecologic evaluation through my office.  I perform some minor sugical procedures in my office such as removal of skin cancers and moles.  I also treat other common skin conditions such as acne in teens.  I treat sports injuries in students athletes as well as in weekend athletes.  Students involved in sports can schedule a sports physical through my office.   My patients also have access to an online patient portal where we can securely exchange health information.  

As a solo family doctor and geriatrician, I like to emphasize the very personal attention my office gives to each one of our patients.  I will be your doctor, and each one of my staff will be focused on helping you.  

The long term doctor-patient relationship is very important to me.  I want partner with you in meeting your health care needs.  If you have any questions about my practice or what I do, please call my office at 738-3293.  If you would like, we can set you up with an introductory appointment just to go over how we can assist you in staying healthy.

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